What Our Patients Say 

“The patients of JJ Dental Care, led by Dr. Jaibin George, can be sure that they are with the best team of professionals for all treatments, the best material and the best medical care. I have been treated there and I saw other patients come from Europe, Asia, Australia, and they went back fully contented and happy with the results. I recommend traveling over to solve any dental problem. It was a good decision to travel there and solve my aesthetic problems with zirconium crowns.”

“I Esperansa Estades Saez from Spain am very grateful for the work of Dr.Jaibin George in seeing Implantation .He made a very good work.”

“I m John Varghese from California USA. As I had gone through a Implant failure which was done in Trissur. I decided to proceed my further dental treatments in USA though it was expensive. Dr. Bech Le an Implantologist in USA had placed an implant . As per reference Dr. Bach Le I saw Dr. Jaibin George . He welcomed me so well that I am impressed and will suggest his name to my friends and relatives. I was happy to see the instruments were same as Dr.Bach Le had used in USA. I m very thankful Dr. Jaibin tht he gave me a perfect implant supported denture. May God bless him . I had also done RCT in his clinic which was perfectly done. The Staffs in his clinic are also very nice they gave me proper appointments and guided me well.. .. My wife Sosamma Varghese had also done dental treatment and she is very happy . We never expected such a great work and we both are extremely happy..”

“Outstanding dental clinic and Thank You so much for the expertise and professionalism shown to me during my implant procedure. I have been wearing a denture for the past seven years and it is wonderful now to be able to feel the roof of my mouth and not to worry about Crumbs getting caught under the plate and can enjoy my food better. I will not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone.”

Four years now I have 6 implants in my jaw down. For me it is as if I have my own molars back. The way dr. Jaibin did this all, was very delightfull, repectfull and tender. That the crowns on the implants were grown in 3-D print, just in one night of time; it was a miracle! Even I thought, that I was a kind of exception and an interesting patient to screw in these implants . But no, he said. So I asked dr. Jaibin why he loves his job so much. His answer: 'I like it to give back a nice smile to people who were (as an example) in a heavy carcrash. To work together with other doctors, to give back peoples life, face and smile'.

Thát I can see in my own face too: my nice smile is back!!

Dear Doctor,
I was fortunate to be introduced to you, thanks to Dr.Rajeev Kuwait.
When my friends heard the various procedure what I went through, there was this look of utter shock & disbelief. They couldn't believe 10 root canal could be done in one sitting..and capping and a crown .. all in one day.  As if this is not enough, lower jaw 8 implants and ceramic bridge all done in 3 days to absolute perfection.. and I walked off with a confident brand new smile.!!!!!  I am glad my decision to come to you was proved right.
The nightmare associated with a dental necessity is no longer valid, if one is with the newgen, young, trained professionals.  I am honestly proud of JJ Dental Implants in Cochin and particularly the deft manner in which you handled my complicated dental restructure to 100% satisfaction..thanks to you & team..and the highly sophisticated equipments that made it possible.

It is as if I won a friend for life.

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