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A dental implant is the contemporary solution in replacing a missing tooth.It is primarily a surgical component which is placed inside the jaws and externally supports a prosthesis like a crown or a bridge. The surgical screw is maintained inside the jawbone and it unifies with it and is called osseointegration. This process is the underlying idea behind the implant dentistry procedures.

We usually do:

  • Immediate removal of teeth and subsequent implant placement
  • Immediate functional loading with implant
  • Single tooth replacement using implant
  • Multiple teeth replacement using implant supported bridges
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • All-on-4®
  • All-on-6
  • Implant Over-denture

Why was this option not available previously?

Recent Advancements in implant dentistry has evolved rapidly in a more sustainable and effective manner. Currently we have more techniques and better patient compliance with success rate which makes it a blessing in the present situation.

Dental implants are an option for:

  • Single missing teeth
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Denture wearers
  • Entire teeth replacement cases

Criteria for getting an implant placed:

  • Healthy mouth and gums
  • Strong jaw bones
  • Regular dental visits
  • Absence of any related medical complication


This type of treatment option is different from a traditional implant treatment which requires a bone grafting where it takes atleast one year to complete.

Here, we do not require a bone grafting procedure and uses only 4 implants in contrast to 5-8 implants in the traditional type.

The implants are placed in those areas of the jaw where there is more available bone thickness eliminating the need for costly and time consuming bone grafting and sinus lift procedures. Hence this technique saves time, money and discomfort of repeated surgeries.


  • Short treatment time
  • Minimal visits to the dentist
  • Minimal surgical procedures
  • Fixed Prosthetic solution
  • Better healing and recovery
  • Better maintenance
  • Natural looking teeth and gums
  • Ease of retrievability
  • No fear of dropping denture


This treatment is one of the preferred ones as it provides highest predictable treatment outcomes. It can be performed in case of abundant bone support. Procedure involves placement of 6 to 8 implants per arch.

Few cases might need bone grafting also. Prosthetic options consist of ceramic bridges, high esthetic malo® bridges and so on which can improve your appearance.


An implant over- denture is a denture that is held in place with the support of an implant.These dentures are retained by clips, bars or fasteners attached to implants. The denture can be removed for cleaning. This is a good option for those having loose or ill-fitting dentures.

How many implants are required for over-denture treatment?

The number of implants required for securing your denture after initial consultation with the dentist and examining of scan reports. The number may vary from 2-4 depending on each individual. This support will be in addition to the retention provided by the denture itself.

Most often, two implants would be sufficient, provided a good bone support is present. This option would add on to the retention provided by your existing denture. Moreover, the necessity to remove your denture during meals can be avoided.


Regular dentures, with time tend to get loose or shaky and become embarrassing for a person. It may further require denture adhesives to secure them to the mouth. Implant over dentures derive their support from implants and secures it firmly in place hence avoiding their slipping. These implant supported dentures are similar to the regular dentures and have to be removed at night while sleeping. However, the attaching components need not be removed. In most of the cases, the existing dentures can be used, but the dentist should be consulted regarding the possibilities of reusing the denture.

Benefits of Implant over-denture

  • Inexpensive solution to loose denture
  • Ease of having chewy foods
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Prevent further loss of bone

However, the implant overdenture cannot provide the advantages of a fixed implant treatment using All on 4® implants.

Furthermore, JJ dental care has an eminent team capable of handling highly deficient bone cases and a well equipped armamentarium required. We also focus on immediate functional loading or placing implants followed by crown delivery on same day. In short, we can handle your problems and give you back the warm and beautiful smile.

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